Kim Mermaid

Aerial Performer, Visual Artist, Adventurous Creative
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art & movement

I invite you to step into a world of creativity and wonder.

My gifts are meant to serve as a reminder to breathe, be inspired, and embrace the extraordinary.

Aerial hammock Split

Aerial Compositions for Performance & Teaching

 Providing elegant entertainment and professional instruction

ethereal designs and Narrative Visuals

 Storytelling through dream-like drawings and photographs

Mermaid yoga pose in a circle

Yoga, Empowered Living, and Meditation Guidance

Crafting conscious connection of the mind and body

Love & impact

Kim is so impressively amazing, both as an instructor and a performer. As an instructor, she is kind, caring, patient, and fun. Not to mention has an innately intuitive ability to adjust to any ability level. As a performer, she is stunningly transcendent. You would be a fool not to hire her for any need you have. Money well worth it and money very well spent.


Aerial Student

Kim’s artwork is very personal and emotional. She develops and explores her concepts patiently and methodically. In addition to art, she’s found passion in aerial and pole. Her dedication amazes me and it’s been thrilling to watch her how much she has grown. I always enjoy her aerial performances because as she moves through the air she appears to be swimming underwater. She inspired me to pursue my passions and be more health conscious. She pours her whole heart into her creations and is incredibly caring and kind. She is a bright light as a performer and teacher as she shares her gifts with the world.



Kim is a light who empowers and inspires others through her movement, art, and mindfulness teachings. Her energy is uplifting and provides nourishing support to grow and heal.


Owner of Queen Skinwear

Kim Jones

“Everything I do, I do with purpose. I love captivating imaginations with my visual arts, unique designs, creative movements, and emotional performances. It is a great honor to share my creative passions in fun and inspiring ways. My dream is to create deeper connection to self, others, and the natural world through expression and movement.”

I’m interested in:


Holistic Living

Adventuring & Travel

Environmental Advocacy

Movement and Fitness

Empowering Others

Coaching & Guidance

Creating Art

Growth & Wisdom



Building Connections

Living Passionately