Kimberly Renee

Creative Leadership Coach
Visual & Movement Artist


This is a space for connection, exploration, and inspiration for those interested in creativity, mindfulness, and deepening into the magic of life.

Kimberly is inspired to live beautifully through an intentional and creative approach to all that she does. Whether she is performing, teaching, or coaching she invites her students and clients to expand beyond preconceived limitations and allow their unique talents and intuitions to guide them towards their dreams.


Current Offerings

Sky and Earth Retreat

Sky and Earth Retreat

Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Mindfulness retreat in the Dominican Republic

Aerial Classes

Aerial Classes

Find your wings and take flight! Take an aerial class with me

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

An aligned focus on compassion, mindfulness, and creativity

Close your eyes, take a slow deep breath, and begin to bring your awareness inward.

Listen to the rhythmic drumming of your heart beat. Feel the vibrancy of life flowing through your veins.

Then dive a little deeper and hear the words your heart whispers to you.

Live Creatively

Have a creative approach to life through artistry and imagination. The essence of our human-ness lies within our ability to dream, innovate, and create.

Honor Connection

Live in the understanding of how intricately connected we are to all that exists. As we move through the world, we create harmony through self appreciation, celebration of others, and awareness of our place within the natural world. 

Embrace Presence

Stand grounded in the Now by allowing the exterior presentation be a reflection of a peaceful inner world.

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