Kimberly Jones

Hi, I’m Kimberly Jones.

Labels like artist, yogi, and aerialist only hint at who I am.

I am an identical twin, born during a hurricane, and a proud Leo. I am a mermaid at heart, with a deep affinity for water and its powerful, calming, and reflective qualities. Swimming became a natural extension of this connection, leading to a competitive career that spanned 16 years, including collegiate swimming at Texas Christian University (TCU). It was there that I delved into Fine Art with a focus on photography. Painting, drawing, and immersing myself in imagination have been constants throughout my life. Photography present a unique challenge, teaching me the power of observation, how to navigate the untamed world, and utilize art to amplify my voice. Pursuing an MFA further deepened my understanding of conceptual and therapeutic art creation, empowering me to teach and inspire others through art.

After ending my swimming career, I discovered the world of yoga. Yoga challenged me in stability, strength, and grace, both physically and mentally. Yoga helps ground me and teaches me to remain present, open-minded, and curious. Then a few years later, I discovered the aerial arts and fell in love, finding it the perfect combination of visual and physical expression. Aerial allows me to explore motion with suspension and support, blending my visual creativity with physical movement.

As a long time movement coach, I believe in allowing the internal to resonate through action. As an instructor, I am a patient observer who enjoys listening to others’ stories. Teaching  and performing internationally have allowed me to discover new horizons and find magic in the everyday.

Currently residing in Colorado, I have many interest, including writing, athletic movement, waterfall chasing, traveling to unique places, connecting to and protecting the environment, lounging around with my pets, and altering recipes to create unique and healthy meals. Through my journey in art, movement, and performance, I strive to share peace, connectivity, and healing with others. My commitment to continual learning and teaching keeps me driven to contribute meaningfully to the world around me, transforming every motion into a celebration of life and creativity.

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