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About Kim Mermaid

I inspire others to connect more to themselves and the world around them through movement and freedom of expression.

A story in every movement

Through athletic artistry, teaching, and creating connections, I provide reminders that each moment is powerful.

Aerial hammock Split

Aerial & Circus

Mermaid yoga pose in a circle

Yoga & Meditation

Coffee Bean

Visual Artistry

Artist Statement

There is an innate desire to identify with others and know that we are loved and accepted. That our seemingly insignificant existence is recognized and acknowledged. A sense of belonging is essential for our forward progress and search for meaning.

Through visual storytelling with my performances, instruction, and static mediums, I provide an opportunity for others to reconnect with the parts of themselves that might be hard to reach. I strive to maneuver with grace and amplify the beauty that exists within negative spaces, the in-between. 

The cycle of rebirth is a consistent theme of exploration in all that I do and my work serves as a reminder to breathe into each moment, to feel, release, connect, and renew.

Exhilarating Performances

Through character creation, whimsy, creative choreography, and immersive visual storytelling I transport audiences to a fantasy world where I let movement spark inspiration and provide thrill.

Glimpse the Magic

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– Aerial Silks

– Aerial Hammock

– Stretch and Flexibility

– Specialty Workshops

Aerial City Texas

9012 FM 1976 Ste. 301
Converse, TX 78109
Phone: (210) 596-9855