About Kim Mermaid

I inspire others to connect more to themselves and the world around them through movement and freedom of expression.

“be the change you wish to see in the world” for what  are our gifts if we cannot create a better world with them?

I am an identical twin, born in a hurricane, and have always been an athlete, artist, and dreamer. Growing up, I loved immersing myself in nature and learning everything about the world. As a high achiever from a lower socioeconomic status, I believed that accolades were the path to making my mark in the world. But soon after attaining my MFA in Fine Art (photography), the illusion of chasing monetary, systematic, corporate success left me wondering what the point is. That path felt devoid and empty. I slowly turned inward to rediscover the magic of living in the moment.

As a child, I wanted to do many things. I dreamed of being an animator, astronaut, veterinary, marine biologist, storm chaser, archaeologist, cinematographer, and the list goes on and on. I resonate with art, literature, history, culture, and science. I see an interrelation between all disciplines and the intricacy of how they inform each other to weave the world around us. I am drawn to these lines of connection, the in-between, the middle ground, the beautiful and complex balance of this world.

I’ve always believed in allowing the internal to be reflected through my actions. I am an observer, listener, and patient guide. I enjoy hearing other’s stories and seeing the wonder of the world through their eyes. In collaborations, I find new ways of expansion and creation. I love learning through teaching and teaching through learning. Finding the magic in everyday allows me to envision the impossible and be an inspiration to others.

I’m interested in:


Holistic Living

Adventuring & Travel

Environmental Advocacy

Movement and Fitness

Empowering Others

Coaching & Guidance

Creating Art

Growth & Wisdom



Building Connections

Living Passionately