Yoga, Meditation, and empowerment

Heal through Movement

The power of breath and movement

Movement is a means to healing. It is meaningful to share lessons of life and self-discovery while learning to support and trust our breath and our bodies. This allows us to explore and build confidence so we can move forward in inspiration and belief that anything is possible.

I’ve spent 10 years on the mat and it has allowed me to grow and change so much. I’ve faced innumerable challenges in my life and the physical practice has helped me to find safety in my body. The practice of meditation has allowed me to find safety in my mind. It’s an honor to share both with you.

I guide others in creative and wholesome movement practices. As a yoga teacher (YT200) I recognize that I am always a student of the practice and each individual that enters my yoga space is a gift to teach me even more about the practice and myself.

As a certified meditation teacher (CMT100) and transformational coach (additional 50hr yoga certification) I serve to guide others in mindfulness and the healing aspects of stillness.


I work with all ages and abilities!

Ask about in-person or online for individual, group, corporate, or events.

Hatha yoga – The Sanskrit word haṭha means “force.” This practice utilizes asanas (poses) to bring stability and awareness to the body in combination with prana (breath).

Vinyasa yoga – The Sanskrit word vinyasa means “transition.” This practice is a form of hatha, typically faster-paced, and focuses on a smooth flow between asanas using consistent inhales and exhales to guide each transition.

Restorative yoga – Slow, mindful positioning guided with breath to surrender into each held posture.

Yoga Fusion – Yoga combined with calisthenics, pilates, and modern stability and mobility practices.

Guided Meditation – Informed in mindfulness meditation, Visualization, Metta Meditation (Loving-Kindness), Guided breath-work techniques, Yoga Nidra

Transformational Coaching – A guided approach to healing and self development through the understanding of ancient truths derived yogic texts that honors the gifts contained within to create sustainable change in your life and in the life of others.

My Yoga Journey

My yoga journey started in 2012. After being a collegiate swimmer for four years, I needed a new physical focus in my life and yoga offered me a challenge. My initial approach to yoga was one of achievement, unlocking positions and postures, and being the “best in the class.” However, I soon realized that yoga isn’t what you accomplish in the physical realm, it is a practice that encompasses the entirety of existence and my navigation through it. I learned to slow down and accept that it was okay to feel great one day but not the next. I started appreciating the nuances of the present. The strength and flexibility were bonuses, but for me, yoga is a deepening of the mind, intuition, intention, and aligning the external to reflected the internal.

After years of practice, I attained my 200HR teacher certification in Guatemala in 2021. Yoga is breath, and breath is what holds us through all moments in life. Yoga is finding a balance between effort and ease, not forcing, but simply feeling, understanding, being as you are now. Often we either try too hard to DO (rajastic), or succumb to overthinking and wait passively (tamastic), rather than allowing things to flow like a river (satvic). The ability to share my passions for movement, artistry, individuality, compassion, connection, and celebration of life has been an incredible joy. To compliment my asana training, I attained a 100HR meditation teacher certification and a 50HR transformational coaching certification in 2022. I serve as a guide those who wish to connect to a deeper potential within, tap into their unique skill set, and create an impact in the world.