Artist Portfolio

Storytelling in the Static Medium

Visual Arts

While movement is my meditation, photography, drawing, and painting refine my ability to observe things as they are. I pull from my experiences, giving emotions an atmosphere to transform into a visual expression.

For my photography my figure dances in front of the camera, then through layering I piece together figures, light, and shapes as a translation of my inner dialogue.

My work is contemplative, layered, multifaceted. As are my thoughts, feelings, and existence.


Surreal beautiful universe mind explosion

Fear & Desire

A series of ethereal photographic images that explores the pain of unrequited connections and the strength to find hope from within.

Surreal beautiful universe mind explosion

Illustration and Design

This portfolio is a collection of design work.

Surreal beautiful universe mind explosion

Creative Portraits

This portfolio is a collection of stylistic portraits.

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Art specializations:

– Acrylic/Mixed Media Painting

– Graphite, Charcoal, Ink, Mixed Media Drawing

– Chalk Pastel

– Photography

– Story-boarding/Concept Sketching

– Poster/Image design

Collaboration opportunities:

I love working with other creatives to co-create. Message me with your collaboration ideas!

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