Fear and Desire

This series, Fear and Desire, explores connection and our longing to be freely loved and fully appreciated intertwined with the fear that we are unworthy. This work comes from the aftermath of abusive relationships and the loss of other connections that held great significance for me.

The ethereal, dreamlike images contain a sub-layer of struggle. Each piece is informed by prior experiences of trying to find recognition in other’s eyes because while struggling to believe in my own worth. I use several figurative images, layering them on top of one another in a painter-like process with soft coloring, dramatic lighting, and indication of movement. While the figures are primarily subdued and consolidated, each image also contains elements of nature: clouds, stars, water, referencing a connection to the natural world and the universe far beyond the bounds of the body. I rework each image many times as I process and re-frame thought patterns of painful memories, allowing me to rest in a place of strength and clarity.